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Finding My Voice: TIMOTHY McCALLUM

After twenty-five years of diverse performance experience, Timothy McCallum is one of Australia’s most exciting and loved performers. But it almost wasn’t to be… At the age of 18, well on his way to commencing a successful career in the music and theatre industry, a diving accident changed Tim’s life forever, potentially shattering his dreams of treading the boards ever again. After breaking his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic, doctors and specialists told him that he would never sing again professionally. Tim’s resilient character and extraordinary spirit have touched the hearts of Australians, as they have watched him defy the odds, rehabilitate and return to the stage to continue his performing career. Altering his singing technique to compensate for his new physical challenges, Tim now sings better than ever, soaring to the heights of the great tenor arias and musical theatre anthems he has become so well known for.



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