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TEDxSouthBank Team

Juanita Wheeler

Juanita Wheeler had no idea that attending TEDxSouthBank’s inaugural conference would change her life forever. At a crossroads in her career, the event inspired Juanita to leave her job, start a company and declare ‘Screw it. I’m going to change the world.’

Juanita’s TEDx journey has seen her move from an audience participant in 2012 to an advocate in 2013 to a speaker in 2014 – and now the licensee. Her love for TEDxSouthBank is such that she can often be heard declaring she loves TEDxSouthBank event days ‘more than Christmas,’ and that becoming part of the community meant finally finding her tribe.

When not TEDxing, Juanita runs a company that is dedicated to changing the world by providing strategic consulting services to non-profit organisations. She also feeds her information addiction by gathering university degrees.

Jade Demnar
Speaker Liaison & Curator

Jade Demnar is a Management Consultant by day and a TEDx curator by… any spare time she has! Jade was a speaker at TEDxSouthBank in its first year and has curated ever since.

In 2015 Jade started her own business, facilitating workshops on developing and delivering effective presentations. She has most recently joined an Asia Pacific committee for her company’s Inclusion and Diversity initiative, working on innovative strategies for enabling gender equality throughout offices in Asia Pacific.

Living overseas during her school years, Jade developed an appreciation for new and unique ideas – and feels the perfect place to do that is at TEDx. Simply put, Jade is not good at not talking. She can’t wait to attempt to talk to everyone at TEDxSouthBank 2016!

Emma Gibbs
Social Media Coordinator

Emma Gibbs is a producer and writer. Having been part of TEDxSouthBank from the beginning, she has spent the past four years as part of the core organising team, working with speakers and cultivating our thriving online community. In 2012, Emma opened our first event with her talk ‘How being heartbroken was the best thing to happen to me’, which has been viewed over 400,000 times.

In her day job, Emma is a producer of TV and digital content, having most recently travelled Australia producing ‘Australian of the Year’ for the ABC. She also writes books about mermaid detectives and dystopian futures with her mum, Margo.

Emma wouldn’t be where she is today without TEDxSouthBank.

Nicole Jensen
Social Media Coordinator

Communication technology has been Nicole Jensen’s biggest obsession for her entire life, shown first through a captivation with ABC News as a toddler. She grew up into a book nerd and internet fanatic once she heard that magical dial-up tone for the first time in the late ’90s. Combining her love of community projects and youth culture, Nicole jumped into promoting events and running publicity for college events.

After diving headfirst into the Twittersphere, Nicole became sought after by event managers as a consultant on social media marketing for festivals, seminars and workshops. She has since worked for the Queensland Department of Education’s cybersafety team, as well as numerous advertising agencies, and now, her own clients.

Nicole first attended TEDxSouthBank in 2014.

Phoebe Tully
Event Manager & Food Curator

Phoebe Tully comes from a long line of opinionated wordsmiths and troublemakers. With a reputation as a logistics nerd – and formidable Trivial Pursuit team member – Phoebe has found her happy place as Events Manager and Food Curator of TEDxSouthBank 2016.

Starting as an attendee, she has been sneaking around behind the scenes for the past three years. This year, she has had the arduous task of taste-testing her way around Brisbane to find the best in local talent and produce – it’s hard work, but #challengeaccepted.

A professional writer by day, Phoebe is thrilled to belong to such an action-oriented community of thinkers and doers. Please come and say hello to her – she’ll be the one running around frantically, hoping someone has coffee!

Emily Warner

As a fourth year business and creative industries student, Emily Warner spends most of her time surrounded by talented people who are finding innovative ways to change the world. This makes TEDxSouthBank the perfect fit for her.

Emily is TEDxSouthBank’s indispensable intern. Despite often having the clichéd checklist and mobile phone in hand at all times, her job is far more inspiring than fetching coffees! Recently returned from working at MIPCOM in Cannes, Emily has a keen interest in film and television production. She hopes to one day create mind-altering documentaries (and get paid for it).

While she may be spending the majority of the event running around, Emily will always make time for intellectual discussion so please say hello. You’ll recognize her as the little one with glasses.

Kym Warner
Working as GM of Finance for News Corp and as a TEDxSouthBank curator, Kym is a passionate cultivator of new ideas and innovation. New to TEDx this year, Kym looks forward to helping her speakers change the world.

Joseph Wheeler
Experience Manager & HOST

Joseph Wheeler first experienced TEDxSouthBank as an audience member and a ‘One Minute Pitch’ winner when he highlighted an issue he has witnessed first hand: on one hand we’re seeing an ongoing and growing issue of university graduates struggling to find work in their field, and meanwhile we are seeing SMEs struggle to compete in today’s growing digital age.

As a digital strategy manager by day, Joseph works with businesses to implement real change to the way they operate and innovate. He was inspired to make this career change after attending TEDxSouthBank in 2014. As Experience Manager, Joseph is incredibly excited to welcome you to this amazing community and looks forward to meeting you there.


Rob Wheeler has five things about which he is truly passionate: his family, football (that’s soccer to you), history, useless trivia, and making the world a better place.

A mild-mannered quality manager by day, Rob has devoted the last two years of his working life to helping non-profits solve problems they didn’t know they had, using quality assurance methods they rarely understand… It’s more fun than it sounds.

A key member of Team Wheeler (see above and below), Rob has relished the chance to take on the Executive Producer role for TEDxSouthBank 2016 (#ChallengeAccepted, in fact). He is discovering – both the easy and hard way – what all the fuss is about when everyone waxes lyrical about the amazing community that is TEDxSouthBank.

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