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I am Queerspawn: MAYA NEWELL

Maya Newell is an Australian filmmaker with a focus on documentary storytelling. Her award-winning short ‘TWO’ won Best New Documentary Talent of Australia at AIDC 2011. Her subsequent films ‘Growing Up Gayby’ and ‘Gayby Baby’ – made in collaboration with Charlotte Mars – tell the story of same-sex families from the perspective of the kids. ‘Gayby Baby’ was selected for Good Pitch Australia 2014, premiered at Hot Docs, screened at Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals, was nominated for an ACCTA, AWGIE, and was the winner of Best Documentary at the 2015 ATOM awards. In the years of making ‘Gayby Baby’ and in the controversy following the banning of the PG film in NSW schools, Maya has regularly felt the need to speak out in defence of diverse families like hers.



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