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How to Be Smarter and Make Better Choices: JULIET BOURKE

Juliet Bourke leads the Australian Diversity and Inclusion practice – and co-leads the Australian Leadership practice – as a Human Capital partner at Deloitte. Her latest book is entitled ‘Which two heads are better than one?: How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions’. Juliet specialises in cultural change and developing leaders, with particular expertise in diversity and inclusion. She regularly works with global executive teams to design and deliver leadership programs, including Deloitte’s own signature Inclusive leadership program. Juliet brings over 20 years’ experience in human capital, psychology, management and law to her work. She is a member of the Australian firm’s Diversity Council, and sits on a number of boards and award panels, such as the Telstra Business Awards. Juliet’s own awards include 2007 Women Lawyers Association of NSW (Achievement Award), 2007 University of NSW (Alumni Award) and 2008 Centre for Leadership for Women (Leadership Achievement Silver Award).



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