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Neuroscience, AI and the Future of Education: DR SCOTT BOLLAND

Dr Scott Bolland is the co-founder of Wajarra Studios, a high-tech software company aiming to revolutionise education through the use of artificial intelligence. He has spent the last 20 years actively researching and teaching in the field of cognitive science – the scientific study of how the mind works – which spans disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and computer science. He holds a PhD in this field, as well as a university medal for outstanding academic scholarship. Scott’s main area of interest is in positive psychology – the scientific understanding of human flourishing and the necessary conditions for positive human development. He is a strong believer in artificial intelligence becoming a powerful tool for helping personalise education and unlocking human potential. When not working with Wajarra, Scott is also a sought after singer, public speaker, and father of three.



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