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Author: TEDxSB

Tiny Homes of the Future: LARA NOBEL

Lara Nobel has always had a natural tendency to problem solve, so when she found herself at the bottom rung of one of the world’s least affordable housing markets, she immediately started brainstorming alternatives. With an optimism that’s grounded in tangible solutions, Lara has travelled the world studying urban design solutions in Berlin, micro-housing in Tokyo, and alternative housing in Portland. She’s now developing a new type of compact housing in Australia – one that’s driven by our needs rather than market expectations. Leading by example, she has co-founded a company to produce these affordable ‘tiny houses’. After completing...

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I am Queerspawn: MAYA NEWELL

Maya Newell is an Australian filmmaker with a focus on documentary storytelling. Her award-winning short ‘TWO’ won Best New Documentary Talent of Australia at AIDC 2011. Her subsequent films ‘Growing Up Gayby’ and ‘Gayby Baby’ – made in collaboration with Charlotte Mars – tell the story of same-sex families from the perspective of the kids. ‘Gayby Baby’ was selected for Good Pitch Australia 2014, premiered at Hot Docs, screened at Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals, was nominated for an ACCTA, AWGIE, and was the winner of Best Documentary at the 2015 ATOM awards. In the years of making ‘Gayby...

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Finding My Voice: TIMOTHY McCALLUM

After twenty-five years of diverse performance experience, Timothy McCallum is one of Australia’s most exciting and loved performers. But it almost wasn’t to be… At the age of 18, well on his way to commencing a successful career in the music and theatre industry, a diving accident changed Tim’s life forever, potentially shattering his dreams of treading the boards ever again. After breaking his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic, doctors and specialists told him that he would never sing again professionally. Tim’s resilient character and extraordinary spirit have touched the hearts of Australians, as they have watched him defy...

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How to Be Smarter and Make Better Choices: JULIET BOURKE

Juliet Bourke leads the Australian Diversity and Inclusion practice – and co-leads the Australian Leadership practice – as a Human Capital partner at Deloitte. Her latest book is entitled ‘Which two heads are better than one?: How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions’. Juliet specialises in cultural change and developing leaders, with particular expertise in diversity and inclusion. She regularly works with global executive teams to design and deliver leadership programs, including Deloitte’s own signature Inclusive leadership program. Juliet brings over 20 years’ experience in human capital, psychology, management and law to her work. She is...

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Neuroscience, AI and the Future of Education: DR SCOTT BOLLAND

Dr Scott Bolland is the co-founder of Wajarra Studios, a high-tech software company aiming to revolutionise education through the use of artificial intelligence. He has spent the last 20 years actively researching and teaching in the field of cognitive science – the scientific study of how the mind works – which spans disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and computer science. He holds a PhD in this field, as well as a university medal for outstanding academic scholarship. Scott’s main area of interest is in positive psychology – the scientific understanding of human flourishing and the necessary...

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